Thursday, October 16, 2014

Homeschoolin Mama!

We chose to home school our youngest child because God gave her to us alone to raise. We alone are responsible for her. We're responsible for her education, her spiritual state, her moral values and how she views life. If she can't function in this life as a wife, parent, employee or friend the blame falls on us. We see no distinction between teaching her to clean up after herself, love others or read. We want her to love learning and continue to learn throughout life because she curious, not to pass a test. She is not perfect just as we are not perfect. There will be holes in her education just as there was in ours. Our hope is that what she learns from books in our home school will only be a small part of her education. In the end, we are trying to raise an independent, confident, loving member of society while doing it all for the glory of God.   We are having fun in the kitchen today at tot school.... The Letter this week is "C" so we made cupcakes.  We practiced the following: reading the directions, math since we measured our ingredients, counted the eggs, and how many cupcakes we made total. Lastly, she used her motor skills as she frosted each one. #learningisfun

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